Using Tabs to find Documents in the HIE

Documents are sorted by document type as the column titles show, 

in date order newest documents first. With the exception of the Lab Results tab, all columns are sort-able and many filters will help select only the documents that you want to see.

Look for the small triangles in the column headers, then select up or down pointing for ascending or descending sort.

Problems and Medications tabs are populated from Continuity of Care information sent to the HIE in an episodic time frame while other columns are populated with continuous information sent from facility EMRs.

Allergy tab is populated from information sent directly to the HIE from facility EMRs.  Information may be duplicated if recorded in more than one facility.

Tabs you will probably use most are Lab Results and Reports.

Lab Results tab displays the most recent copy of each lab test results including blood, urine, and cultures.

Reports tab includes the most recent copy of all physician’s notes and reports, all imaging, and  pathology reports.

Clinical Summary tab displays the latest Clinical Summary generated for each HIE node where the patient has a record.  CCDAs from the EMRs also appear here.

All Documents tab includes all documents for this patient.  Here is where you will find documents that have been manually uploaded to the HIE.  You will also find all copies of all lab results and reports in the HIE for the patient.

Document Filters

Each of these tabs have filters that enable selectively viewing documents.  For a complete filter discussion look here.

The Date Range filter takes 2 dates and displays all reports found between and including those dates.  For one specific date, the same date may be entered in each date field. Format MM/DD/YYYY

The Sensitivity filter displays documents by sensitivity settings.  All documents come from the EMRs with normal sensitivity.  If a patient requests that a certain document not be shared, the sensitivity can be set to any other setting.  This will cause the document to be viewable from the local node only.

From Network documents, each tab has facility filters.  By default, you are shown all documents from all facilities for this patient.  If you are looking for a document from a specific facility, clear all of the other check boxes and select the Apply button; only documents from that facility will be displayed.

These check boxes can be used in combination with any of the other filters.  To see documents from one facility for a date range:

  • Clear all facility check boxes except the one of interest
  • Add a date range
  • Select Apply