HIE Navigation

The HIE has 3 main pages.  The Home Page or landing page after logon, and two task pages Patients and Secure Mail.

HIE Navigation Buttons

Each page is a separate module, so moving between the pages will not maintain a selected patient record. This means that if you have a patient record selected in the Patient Search module, then move to the Secure Mail module, you will have to find the patient record again to attach system documents to the email.

The Home Page has links to everything offered in MIN-NS HIE, with buttons for accessing the other pages as well.

Patients Page is where you will search for patient records and select the name from the search result to open a patient record.

Secure Mail is a closed email system for all MIN-NS subscribers that is a safe way to send patient personal health information. Users can type directly into the email message or add attachments containing personal health information.

When new Secure Mail is in your inbox, you will see the number of new unread massages in parenthesis on the button.  The graphic above shows 1 unread message in the inbox.