Home Page Overview

Home Page is the default landing page after logging in. Global navigation buttons at the top of each destination page let you toggle between the Home page and two task pages – Patient and Secure Mail. The home page is divided into three sections Activities, Reporting & Analytics and Tools.
Activities buttons provide access to

Reporting and Analytics  has just one button.

  • HIE Analytic -MIN-NS reporting and analytic solution will be available here. MIN-NS Analytics offers a number of customization report options helping to collect, organize and analyze patient and market data.  These services are not yet online.  Contact MIN-NS directly at (360) 419-4315 M-F 8AM-5PM for these services .

Tools includes access to

  • User Settings: where you can choose which page comes up after logging in
  • Help: links to help topics, password and customer support forms
  • Training: links to MIN-NS Basic HIE Training material.
  • Support: links to the MIN-NS Help Desk
  • Policies: links to MIN-NS user and security policies
  • Forms Gateway: links to MIN-NS Referral application.
    Telehealth: Will link to MIN-NS Telehealth functionality.

The logout link top right, allows ending your session at any time.