Secure Mail Overview

Secure Messaging allows you to send secure messages both inside and outside your organization to anyone participating in a Health Information Service Provider(HISP). These messages are encrypted in transport and may contain PHI (personally identifiable information).

Secure Mail is encrypted and a safe way to send Private Health Information. Secure Mail can be exchanged with anyone in the HIE address book. It automatically creates an audit-able record of incoming and outgoing mail. This will soon be combined with Direct email expanding the network of secure mail.

  • Inbox with Mark as Read, Mark as Unread, Filter, Sorting and Archive functions
  • Compose with Add Documents function and Filter to add levels of criticality
  • Sent box with latest sent messages on top
  • Archive box with Restore option that moves messages back to the Inbox

Secure Mail Inbox

To compose mail:

  • Select this button from Home Page or left menu of Secure Mail page.  
  • Move your cursor to the To: field.  Type the first few letters of the recipient's name to activate the drop down and select the name.

Secure Mail Select Recipient

  • Set the severity according to the urgency of this message.

Urgency status

  • Type your message.
  • Add patient documents or documents from your local computer, if desired.
  • Select Send button found at page bottom.