Resetting your MIN-NS HIE Password

MIN-NS Password Maintenance Tool allows you to reset your password online without delay.  To use this tool, on your first login, you establish a digital identity.  This identity is an image and a secret word. This identity never changes.  Your password on the other hand must change at least every three months. MIN-NS will send you an email when you password is about to expire.  When you receive this email follow these directions to reset your password.

  1. Open an internet browser and go to the MIN-NS Portal (or type into the address bar).
  2. Select Help Desk, then the Reset HIE Password tile.
MIN-NS Password Maintenance Tool

MIN-NS Password Maintenance Tool

  1. Type your HIE username into the box then select Go.

If you are asked for your password, either:

  • Your password is already expired
  • OR, you typed your username incorrectly.
  • For help, call MIN-NS support M-F 8AM-5PM (360)419-4315 OR Submit a Support Ticket explaining your problem
  1. You should see the screen below where you will be asked to select your identity image. 
Select your identity image

Select your identity image

  1. Once selected, the screen will move to ask for your secret identity word.  This is not your current password but a special identity word that you selected at you first logon.  It is at least 8 letters long, contains at least one upper case letter, at least one digit, and at least one non alphanumeric character.

Can’t remember your secret word? Call MIN-NS support M-F 8AM-5PM (360)419-4315 OR Submit a Support Ticket explaining your problem

Type your secret word

  1. Once you have authenticated with your image and secret word, you will see this screen.

Identity Verified

  1. Select   the “Change My Password” option.

Current Password

  1. Type your current password or select the Can’t Remember Password link.

Forgotten Password Option

  1. Enter your new password and confirm by retyping it.  Password rules require at least 8 characters in length, containing at least one upper case letter, one digit, and one non alphanumeric character.
  2. Select Go.
  3. Successful completion returns to the menu page.

Please read the message above the menu: Your domain password expires in 88 days. 

MIN-NS Password Maintenance Tool Menu

If you would like to change your secret identity image or pin, select the Change Image/Pin button.  Changing these is never required.