Do I need an account in every node where I want patient information?

No, all patient document are viewable from any node viewing network documents. The patient record may need to be imported to create an ADT for that facility (in that node) to view network documents.

How do I create a clinical summary?

Complete a network search for your patient in any HIE node, select the patient name from the result to put that patient in focus, and then select Retrieve Clinical Summary from the left menu.

How do I find a radiology report?

In the reports tab of the HIE

May I request a custom clinical summary from my dates?

No, clinical summaries are designed to accumulate all clinical information published to the HIE for the patient in the previous 6 months to the date of the Clinical Summary.

How do I get help finding the information I need?

Call live technical support Monday - Friday 8AM-5PM at (360) 419.4315 or submit a request.

Where would I find an echocardiogram report?

In the reports tab of the HIE

Are operative reports in the HIE?

Yes in the reports tab of the HIE.

Where do I find hospital discharge instructions for a patient?

In the reports tab of the HIE.

What facilities add information to the HIE?

Skagit Valley Hospital, Skagit Regional Clinics, Island Hospital, Whidbey General Hospital and Clinics, Northwest Pathology

I use a non-integrated node to view the HIE. Can I “add new document” to the patient record in the HIE?

Yes. Use the Add Document Left Menu item with the patient record in focus.

One of our employees has left for employment elsewhere. How do I disable that account?

Submit a help ticket with the person’s name and email address requesting that the account be disabled.

A friend just told me about the MIN-NS HIE. How do I get an account?

Complete and submit this form.

I am not sure of the spelling of the patients name, what is the best way to find the HIE record?

The hospital MRN works in the hospital nodes. Use advanced search to find a patient record using information other than patient name and date of birth.

I just received a referral from Providence, why can’t I find any information in the HIE?

If the patient has never visited Whidbey General Hospital and Clinics, Skagit Regional Health and Clinics or Island Hospital and Clinics, there will not be a record in the HIE.