Patient Consent

On the patient record under the name, a consent status is given.

Granted -- Consent Status

In Washington, access is granted by default which gives providers with reasonable expectation of providing care for this patient. Permission is granted to use, view and share their health information unless the patient has opted out in writing. 

Consent Chart

MIN-NS Consent settings

When consent for a patient is changed, It can take up to 24 hours for the status to update in all HIE nodes.

Use the  Manage Patient Consent screen to change consent settings. 

  • With a patient record in focus, select Manage Consent from the Local Actions left menu.
  • From the Patient Page, select Consent Patient from the left menu and search for your patient.
  • Limiting access to documents in a specific node will limit that node to viewing local documents only.

Manage Patient Consent Screen

  • Be sure to select Submit from the screen bottom to save any changes to the consent settings.