Import from Network Record

Create a Local Record by Importing the patient record from a network node

    1. Complete a network search for the patient.
      • From Patient page, the Network search type is the default.
      • Type patient name and Date of Birth MM/DD/YYYY
      • Select Search for Patient button
      • Review the search results to confirm the correct identity

Search Results, Patient has no record in this node

    • Notice that we are searching from Care Transitions node of the HIE. None of these records are from this node(notice Source column of the search result).  This means we will not be able to view documents because we need a local patient record to view network documents. We call the process of creating a local record importing the patient to this node. 
  1. Select the patient name to view the demographics.

  1. Select Import Patient

Import patient record

  1. We land on an Edit and Import Patient page where demographics can be copied from a demographic document in the network record.  The Information is prepopulated from the document selected at the top.  If there are more than one document, just allow the default chosen one.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Create Patient
  3. A successful import will display the message belowImport Sucessful
  4. Select View Network Documents