Document Filters

Using document filters is a good way to limit the documents displayed.  This helps to focus on specific information.

The Date Range filter takes 2 dates and displays all reports found between and including those dates.  For one specific date, the same date may be entered in each date field. 

The sensitivity filter filters documents by sensitivity.  All documents come from the EMRs with normal sensitivity.  If a patient requests that a certain document not be shared, the sensitivity can be set to any other setting.  This will cause the document to be viewable from the local node only.

From Network documents, each tab has facility filters.  By default, you are shown all documents from all facilities for this patient.  If you are looking for a document from a specific facility, clear all of the other check boxes and select the Apply button; only documents from that facility will be displayed.

Facilities FIlter

These check boxes can be used in combination with any of the other filters.  To see documents from one facility for a date range:

  • Clear all facility check boxes except the one of interest
  • Add a date range
  • Select Apply

Each tab has the filters discussed above.  Tabs have specific filters as well, based on information displayed.

Problem tab adds an Active/Inactive filter.

Active/Inactive FIlter

Allergies tab adds an allergy type filter as well as the Active/Inactive filter. 

Allergy Type Filter

Medications tab adds the Active/Inactive filter for viewing current and past medications.

Lab Result tab has a filter for viewing only normal/Abnormal lab results.  This filter displays all reports containing a result matching the selected filter. Diagnostic Result filter allows viewing results of one type of test over time, while the ordered by tab allows a viewer to select results ordered by a specific provider. Typing the first letter or two of the lab title or provider's name brings up a drop down list from which the user can select.

Special Lab Result Filters

Reports tab offers a filter for viewing a specific type of report. Typing the first letter or two of the report name brings up a drop down list from which the user can select.

Report Type Filter